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The first recorded, positive use of the word cowboy appeared in Love writes, "Some bosses preferred a native white cook This mythical figure was popularized in large part through frontier melodramas of the s and s, including The Red Right Hand, produced by American scout and showman William F.

This recollection by a Black cowboy gives a firsthand look at life as an African-American in the West through personal stories and anecdotes.

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Lighton, and others portrayed masculine societies in which action, rather than plot, prevailed. However, to merely state that there were 13, Black cowboys is inaccurate simply because the American definition of a cowboy has become distorted.

Accounts of activities show their activities to be more suited for farmers than what we think of as cowboys. Cody Buffalo Bill Cody. This is primarily how the white cooks behaved.

This focus on action was typical of the mythical cowboy, who was rarely seen working with cattle but was instead involved in saving maidens and punishing bandits. If you need a custom term paper on American History: Despite these hardships, the African-American frontiersmen lived a somewhat dignified life.

In addition to having to be able to prepare a meal for twelve hungry men in a blizzard, cloudburst, or high winds, the cook had to be skilled in muleskinning and capable of driving two or three yoke of oxen attached to a chuckwagon over treacherous terrain or sometimes even through flooded rivers.

Unfortunately, today the true history of the West has become a nothing more than a myth. This is how many people picture the driver of a chuckwagon because these attributes are not falsehoods. This was extremely well accepted by cowboys of all races. The collection, which contains many songs accepted as authentic even though they are not signed, puts forth a romantic notion of the American cowboy, a factor that has invited criticism by later scholars.

Trail rides involved moving enormous herds of cattle over thousands of miles. They were the cleaners of everything, they were the last to eat if at allthey had responsibilities of far less stature than those who were of equal talent but had white skin.

The industry was fueled by the desire for beef on the east coast, a desire that could be satiated due to the completion of the transcontinental railroad inwhich made it possible to transport livestock to slaughterhouses in Chicago and Kansas City.

When it came time to scrub manure, the black man was usually called.

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The West was turning toward the future - A future that held industrial promises of high monetary rewards as well as a valuable addition to a growing America.

Athletic, rugged men were needed to settle the West.

The American Cowboy: Myth vs. Reality Essay Sample

It was during the late s that journalists began writing of cowboys who drove herds of longhorn cattle from the south Texas country to Kansas and endowing these men with romantic and heroic qualities, including courage, strength, impossible daring, unequaled endurance, and a sense of fairness.

Common themes include the disappearance of a way of life; the increasing industrialization of the west; the fencing off of the range; the camaraderie among cowboys; disasters—such as deaths from accidents or stampedes—favorite animals; and nature.

Numerous references suggest that Negroes were widely regarded as the largest group of "bronco busters" in the West. Among these is John Barsness, who has refuted the claim that the songs are authentic American folklore. These two forms of expression are almost interchangeable, as cowboy poetry was often recited with music or sung to either popular tunes of the day or traditional melodies.

Seeing the romantic possibilities in the decline of the cattle industry and the subsequent disappearance of the western cowboy, Wister wrote the immensely successful portrayal of the love between a cowboy and an eastern schoolmarm.

To encourage young people to reflect upon and write about one of the Cowboy Ethics that make an impact on their decisions, goals and attitude.

The American Dream Essay Contest encourages youth to pursue their vision regarding the meaning of their lives and the ethics that guide them. The American Cowboy's way of life was interesting and unique, and they contributed more to society than one might think.

Besides looking after stock and driving cattle, they had to round up huge numbers of cattle for ranchers. Describe the myths and the realities of the American cowboy.

Modern society envisions a cowboy as a chic, rustic man on a horse riding into the sunset; yet, a true cowboy was a laborer. The work of a trail drive was arduous and temperamental.3/5(4).

Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads, one of the first widely distributed major collections of cowboy songs, was published in by collector John A.

Lomax. A leading scholar in American folksong, Lomax began collecting ballads as a young man. The American cowboy is symbolized by the glamorization of the real working cowboys.

Those individuals that worked all day long in the hot sun protecting the herd and at the end of the day sat next to an open fire and finally sleeping under the stars. Free Essay: John Wayne as the American Cowboy When I think of an American cowboy in my mind I see a picture of John Wayne mounted high on his horse in a.

Ameican cowboys essay
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